Sarah Hyland, From ABCs 'Modern Family,' Poses Backstage.
Sarah Hyland, from ABCs "Modern Family," poses backstage at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014. Reuters

In this week's episode of "Modern Family," The Dunphys and Manny almost have a big car accident that leaves everyone traumatised. When Haley hugs her after the car stops, Alex thinks that Haley is having an honest moment and showing her how much she cares. Alex goes out of her way to bond with Haley only to find out later that she completely misunderstood Haley's actions.

The entire Dunphy family are in the car with Manny Delgado one typical morning and they are heading out for some pancakes when a truck nearly hits them at an intersection. The car swerves around before coming to a stop and when it does, Haley leans over towards Alex and says, "I thought I almost lost you."

Alex is surprised by Haley's unusual show of affection and she decides to cancel her afternoon judo lesson so that she could spend some time bonding with her sister. She decides to stop making jabs at Haley's intelligence and appreciate her more. Haley is delighted and takes Alex to a waxing salon. She makes Alex wax off her upper lip and the girls then proceed to get makeovers. They go shopping for new clothes that Haley chooses for Alex and makes her wear high heels.

Alex continues to do what Haley asks because she feels that she should bond with her sister more especially after going through a near-death experience. When the girls return home, Haley tells Alex that she would like it if Alex can also teach her something. Alex finds this funny because she knows she is a lot smarter than Haley. Haley then suggests that Alex should teach her some judo moves. Alex reluctantly agrees and throws Haley to the ground. Haley is delighted but panics a little when her phone falls out of her pocket. Haley says "I thought I almost lost you again" and that is when Alex realises that her sister was talking about her phone all along. When she said "I thought I lost you" in the car, she was actually talking to her phone. Alex is furious and starts to throw Haley around with more judo moves.

Claire arrives to find the girls on the floor but decides to ignore them, as part of her own way of coping with the incident. Luke is making a mess and Phil has purchased an alpaca. There is complete chaos in the house and in the end, the whole family gathers in the kitchen and they give each other big hugs after they each admit just how affected they really are on the day that they almost died.

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