The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Chairman Bruce Rosenblum speaks as actress Sofia Vergara from 'Modern Family' slowly spins on a turntable
The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Chairman Bruce Rosenblum speaks as actress Sofia Vergara from 'Modern Family' slowly spins on a turntable during the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014. REUTERS/MARIO ANZUONI

For the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, ABC has opted not to air a brand new episode of their multiple Emmy Award-winning comedy series "Modern Family." According to press releases through ABC Medianet, in the usual timeslot, they will be airing a rebroadcast of two previously aired episodes entitled "The Late Show" from the previous season and "Do Not Push" from season 6.

"The Late Show" as the name suggests deals with the issue of being late. Jay Pritchett has booked dinner for himself and all the adults in the extended family. Unfortunately, something is keeping everyone from each household from making the reservation on time.

Gloria was being overly fussy with her appearance as usual and it was taking all of Jay's patience not to yell at her. She had her hair blown out at the salon and needed to change her earrings and her shoes several times before Jay finally put his foot down and dragged her to the restaurant. When they arrived, they discovered that none of the other family members were there yet either.

Mitch and Cam encountered a problem when they stepped out wearing the same outfit. They then had to argue and manipulate each other into changing into a different outfit. The whole scenario made them both start to bring out other underlying issues in their relationship and it took them even longer to make it to the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Claire arrived late from work and before she and Phil could head over to dinner, She found out that Phil had agreed to let Luke stay at home alone. Alex was over at Mitch and Cam's to watch Lily while Haley went over to watch Joe. Claire freaked out in the car and they had to go back to drive Luke over to join Haley at Jay and Gloria's house.

When everyone finally arrived, they were too late and their table reservation had been given up. Gloria became irate and they ended up getting kicked out of the restaurant. They then walked over to the taco truck across the street and had one of the most enjoyable meals of their lives.

In "Do Not Push" that airs on November 26 in the usual Wednesday night timeslot for "Modern Family," audiences will be taken back to earlier in the season where Phil and Claire took Alex on a tour of Caltech. Claire tried hard to manipulate Alex into picking a school closer to home, but a new acquaintance did the convincing for her. Meanwhile, the rest of the Dunphy family went through a hilarious psych experiment on campus. Over at Mitch and Cam's place, they encountered some problems when an effort to include Lily in the latest family portrait ended up in disaster.

A new episode of "Modern Family" will air on December 3, a week after the Thanksgiving Holiday. The upcoming episode is entitled "Strangers In The Night."