Cast member and executive producer Anthony Anderson (R) gestures next to co-stars Laurence Fishburne (L) and Tracee Ellis Ross
IN PHOTO: Cast member and executive producer Anthony Anderson (R) gestures next to co-stars Laurence Fishburne (L) and Tracee Ellis Ross at a panel for the ABC television series "Black-ish" during the Television Critics Association Cable Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California July 15, 2014. Reuters

ABC studios will be observing the Thanksgiving holiday break in the upcoming week and audiences will be given the chance to catch up on previous episodes of their favourite shows. Both "Modern Family" and "Black-ish" will rebroadcast episodes this week and resume airing new episodes on Dec. 3. On "Black-ish," the series revisits the second episode of the season titled "The Nod." Next week, a new episode titled "Colored Commentary" will be aired.

In "The Nod," which was the second episode of the season, Andre Johnson was appalled to find out that his teenage son Andre Jr is unaware of the significance of exchanging a nod with another coloured brother. Andre has noticed that Junior doesn't have enough black friends and he's losing his identity and cultural connections. Andre feels that raising his kids in an affluent and socially advanced society is making his kids lose touch of their heritage. He insists that black men acknowledge each other with a knowing nod whenever they encounter each other in any situation. Andre Jr failed to grasp the idea and Andre found himself seeking out other black kids to introduce to his son in the hopes that such exposure will help him understand their traditions.

Meanwhile, Andre's wife Rainbow was disappointed to find out that their daughter Diane wants to be an advertising executive like her dad and not a doctor like her. Rainbow is proud of her job and thinks that at least one of her children should follow her footsteps. She then decided to take Dane to the hospital to show her what being a doctor is all about. Unfortunately, she chose an extremely busy and gory day at the emergency room. Diane bore witness to a lot of blood and gore that day and Rainbow feared she might have frightened her child. To her surprise, Diane found everything delightful and it took all the graphic scenes to make her think that she might want to be a doctor after all.

In the upcoming new episode titled "Colored Commentary," Andre is back on his quest to keep family values intact. He sets out to imbibe the concept of "Team Johnson" to his family members, meaning that they should always be on each other's team and have each other's backs. The opportunity soon rises for him to invoke the "Team Johnson" concept when he asks the older kids Zoey and Andre Jr to babysit younger twins Dian and Jack. While Andre thinks he's having success with the kids, he finds himself in trouble when he falls short of Rainbow's expectations as set by his own rules.