Rewards of up to $500,000 are offered by the NSW police force for any information that might help them to crack the unsolved murder cases. Here are the five cases that the police needs help on:

Michelle Bright:

Michelle was dropped off by a friend near Herbert Street, Gulgong after a birthday party on Feb 27, 1999. Three days later her semi naked body was found near Barney's Reef road. She was sexually assaulted before her murder.

Police have announced a reward of $500,000 for any information regarding the crime against the 17 year old. The unsolved murder has brought great amount of grief to the family and shocked the small town of Gulgong.

Revelle Balmain:

Revelle was a 22 year old model; it is believed that she was last seen in the company of a man. She disappeared on November 5, 1994. Her body was never found but the police believe that she is a victim of homicide.

The police has offered a $250,000 reward to any information regarding the puzzling case. It has been added to the list of unsolved murders in Australia.

Maureen McLaughlin:

It is believed that 23 year old Maureen was last seen at a hotel on Main Street at Lithgow on March 31, 1992. She had previously attended an RSL club on Lurline Street at Katoomba on 30 March, where she made three separate ATM withdrawals.

Her body was discovered in a shallow grave off State Mine Gully Road, with a number of injuries to the head and body. The police are offering $200,000 for any information regarding the unsolved murder.

Rachelle Childs:

Rachelle was supposed to meet someone at the Bargo hotel; her partially-burned body was located in a shallow ditch off Crooked River Road, near the town of Gerroa, on June 8, 2001. Her vehicle was found parked at the Bargo hotel.

The police is offering a reward of $200,000 for information that can lead to the conviction for the unsolved murder.

Robert Pashkuss and Stacey McMaugh:

The bodies of 51 year old Robert Pashkuss and 41 year old Stacey McMaugh were found in their Caves Beach home, south of Newcastle, on January 6, 2008. The bodies were discovered by their 15 year old son.

The police has offered a $100,000 reward for any information leading to conviction in this unsolved murder case.