Proper skincare matters
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Ever wonder why people often mistook you for someone older than them? It’s very easy for individuals to make such mistake especially with all the signs you’re getting older than your real age visible in your appearance. Take a look at these signs to find out which ones you have.

  1. White hair

The appearance of white hair or greying temples for someone who’s not even forty yet is a sign you’re most likely to be older than your real age. For some this is only normal especially if it’s hereditary but oftentimes, they remind us of how stressed we are especially at work.

  1. Wrinkles

Wrinkles are normal signs of aging because as we grow old, our skin also loses some of its elasticity and firmness. However, it’s a different story if you’re only in your twenties and you already have wrinkles that make you look just as old as your mom.

  1. Memory loss

Old age is often linked to poor memory. That’s because your brain will no longer be as active and sharp as it was compared before. But then, there are those who are still at the prime of their lives who experience having memory loss especially in terms of short-term memory. Forgetting an important date or where you placed your bag a few minutes ago are just some samples of these.

  1. Prominent veins

There are veins which become too prominent they are so hard to miss such as those found in your hands. Dr. Amy Wechsler said that this veiny appearance is caused by tissue loss including bone loss and fat loss. You could be in your twenties or thirties but these veiny hands are sure to make you look a lot older.

  1. Yellow fingernails and teeth

The colour of your nails and teeth can give away your age to strangers who will judge you as someone older than you really are. Thanks to those yellow fingernails and teeth you now remind others of their grandparents.

Now that you’re aware of these signs you’re getting older than your real age, it’s about time you take necessary action to reverse it. There are many ways to look younger and some of them such as regular exercise and proper diet are things you can do now.

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