On Jan. 8, 2015, multi-channel network company AwesomenessTV's YouTube channel published a comedy video entitled "5 Signs You're In The Friendzone" starring Keith Lemelin, The Merrell Twins and Joshua Lee Young. Like the title suggests, the comedy sketch shows real-life situations in a slightly exaggerated manner as a humorous take on depicting signs of the phenomenon society calls being in the "friend zone."

In this video, Keith Lemelin stars as the guy who has romantic feelings for his friend and makes attempts to court her in a cautious manner. The girl, played by identical twins Vanessa and Veronica Merrell, turns the guy down every time by sending signals, which the guy grudgingly picks up on.

Each of the five skits portray a sign that the girl is disinterested in him; for instance, one of which has the girl referring to him as family, to which the character played by Lemelin reacts to in a maudlin way. Another has him trying to ask the girl to go out with him, to which the girl responds, "Yeah, dinner! Sounds great... um, can we invite Brittany too?"

"5 Signs You're In The Friendzone" has accumulated over 4,000 thumbs up and only 30 thumbs down to date. Watch the video here:

Credit: YouTube/AwesomenessTV

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