An overweight person
IN PHOTO: An overweight person REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

Dieting and regular exercise are sometimes not enough for individuals who want to look thinner and sexier. There are those who will go to the extent of undergoing dangerous weight loss surgeries that can help them shed off those excess pounds. Here are some of these common surgical operations designed to helping one lose weight.

  1. Gastric Banding

This is a form of restrictive weight loss surgery wherein a surgeon divides the stomach into two pouches using an inflatable band. This prevents the upper pouch of the stomach from emptying right away, making the person feel fuller even with less food intake.

  1. Sleeve Gastrectomy

Also a restrictive weight loss surgery, it involves removing 75 percent of your stomach and in its place a surgeon places a narrow tube or sleeve that connects to your intestines. The procedure is irreversible and you’re likely to absorb all the nutrients from the food you eat because the intestines aren’t damaged at all.

  1. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

In this operation, a surgeon makes a small pouch at the upper portion of the stomach. This pouch is the only part responsible for receiving food which is why it helps limit your food intake. The small intestine is cut and connected to this pouch so that food directly goes to it. Meanwhile, digestive juices from the main part of the stomach flow through a portion of the intestine that’s reattached below it.

  1. Biliopancreatic Diversion

This is another version of gastric bypass wherein a surgeon removes 70 percent of the stomach and at the same time bypasses a greater portion of the intestines. This surgery offers faster weight loss because you’ll be taking in fewer calories. However, you will also be in greater risks because the body will absorb fewer nutrients too.

  1. Maestro Rechargeable System

This is a device implanted in the abdomen and comes with its own remote control. It’s like a pacemaker only it is used to signal pulses to a nerve called vagus between the stomach and the brain. Vagus nerve sends signals to the brain if the stomach is already full.

Despite the fact that these are dangerous weight loss surgeries, many people are still interested in undergoing them. But for someone who values his or health, you have to steer clear from these to avoid future complications and just stick to your all-natural weight loss routine.

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