5 Gifts To Give Yourself This Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year 2014
Children play with bubble toy guns under Chinese lunar New Year decorations at a park in Beijing, January 24, 2014. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year, which welcomes the year of the horse, falls on January 31. REUTERS/China Daily REUTERS/China Daily

Chinese or not, it’s fun to join in the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Many love the street dancing, the dragon dances, fireworks displays, foods, and even the customs and traditions that go with this event. This year, treat yourself for a change with these five gifts to give yourself this Chinese New Year.

  1. Fruit basket

Love fruits? If yes, now is the time to splurge on a big basket of fresh fruits for your consumption. Many grocery stores sell fruit baskets; some are even wrapped and tied with an elegant ribbon. Buy one to complete your feast this Chinese New Year.

  1. Porcelain vases

Chinese porcelain vases are among the most beautiful in the world. They are intricately designed with Chinese characters, blossoms, and many more. You can choose one in blue and white and use it as a décor in your living room or even in your office.

  1. Box of tea

If you’re regular tea drinker, then go ahead and give yourself an expensive box of tea. Chinese men and women take joy in drinking a cup of tea and making it a habit yourself can improve your health and wellness. Tea is an effective antioxidant and they come in various flavours too.

  1. Candy

Satisfy your craving for sweets by buying some candies or even a box of imported chocolates. They are one of the gifts that won’t only satisfy your sweet tooth but also make you a lot happier this Chinese New Year. Spread the joy by sharing some to the children in your neighbourhood.

  1. Red Chinese lanterns

Add a touch of China in your home this New Year by hanging some red Chinese lanterns. They can serve as attractive outdoor decors or you can hang them in your bedroom. Choose those with Chinese characters, specifically one that represents this year’s zodiac.

Who says you only have to give gifts to your friends and loved ones? Pamper yourself this time with these gifts to give yourself this Chinese New Year.

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