5 Coolest Gadgets For Runners

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IN PHOTO: Photo of a woman running Reuters/ Lucy Nicholson

Running is an excellent exercise that can help you stay fit and healthy for life. In order to make your running experience more fun and effective, you need to use these coolest gadgets for runners. Check them out.

  1. HydraCoach water bottle

Water is a must when running because you need to replenish the fluids your body lost through sweating. Unlike with ordinary water bottles, HydraCoach informs you if you’re drinking enough water. It keeps track of the amount of water you drink and how much more you need to stay hydrated.

  1. Knuckle Lights

Are you fond of jogging early in the morning when the rest of the world is still sleeping? Use Knuckle Lights to light up your path. It comes with a maximum of 45 Lumens, definitely a lot brighter than headlamps and shoe lights available in the market today.

  1. Yaktrax

Don’t let the snow and ice prevent you from running and tie you up with the treadmill over the winter season. Use Yaktrax to avoid falling on your ass when you go out on your usual morning run even if it’s winter. This must-have can be attached on your running shoes to ensure you don’t slip.

  1. Milestone Pod

This is another tracking device that you can use with your running shoes. It tells you when you need to buy a new pair as well record your heel vs. toe footstrike to give you an idea how well you’re running. Further, it comes with an app that allows you to view vital information about your running.

  1. Cool Towel

There’s nothing like cooling off with a nice soft towel that feels cool enough to make you feel relieve and refreshed. Take Cool Towel with you when you run then just pour water on it and snap it a couple of times and it becomes cool instantly. You can then use it to recharge or beat the heat.

Running can be strenuous exercise which is why you need a little help from the gadgets mentioned above. Always have these cool gadgets for runners with you and you’re sure to enjoy every running moment.


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