These products could be a great start for people who are CBD non-believers. Creative Commons

There are over 100 compounds found in cannabis but cannabidiol (CBD) is the most important. This particular compound is responsible for giving marijuana and hemp the health benefits they are known for. Without CBD, there would not be the plant that provides pain and inflammation relief, cancer and heart diseases fighting properties, just to name a few.

CBD branched out of the cannabis industry to form a market of its own, which is expected to be worth US$2.1 billion (AU$2.89 billion) by 2020 and US$57 billion (AU$78.35 billion) by 2027 . Supporting the CBD industry, distributors and manufacturers strive to provide the public with the best CBD products possible. Understandably, there are some sceptics who do not believe in the power of CBD, but these four products might turn any non-believers around quickly.

2Rise Naturals CBD Oil Tincture with Bioavailable Turmeric

CBD and turmeric are two completely different products, but both are considered as disruptors in the medical world. Turmeric contains bioactive and medicinal compounds, which make it a good supplement. Like CBD, turmeric relieves inflammation, reduces the risk of heart diseases and it can also prevent cancer.

Turmeric as a companion for CBD
Turmeric as a companion for CBD Creative Commons

2Rise Naturals’ CBD Oil Tincture with Bioavailable Turmeric brings the best of both products in one bottle. The tincture can be easily and discreetly consumed as well. People can either have a drop under their tongues or they can mix it into their favourite drinks. The developers claim the product tastes amazing. That is given credence, considering it is a popular choice for consumers.

Diamond CBD’s Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Cream

Coming from premier CBD specialists PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) and distribution leader Diamond CBD, the Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Cream is a must-have for athletes. The product was specifically made to bring out all of the anti-pain and anti-swelling benefits of the compound. Endorsed by NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, the CBD cream quickly relieves discomfort experienced by high-intensity athletes.

running woman
The Pain Master CBD Cream for POTN is an athlete’s best companion. Creative Commons

The product is also ideal for those that are still worried about consuming CBD internally. The cream is made for external use only, non-believers can experience the change without worrying about anything else.

As with most of Diamond CBD’s products, the Pain Master Cream is created from industrial organic CBD hemp oil. The oil is made by POTN using the meticulous supercritical CO2 extraction process which isolates all of the naturally-occurring beneficial compounds in cannabis.

POTN and Diamond CBD’s devotion to producing only the highest quality of products have been proven and tested. Diamond CBD was able to generate over US$12 million (AU$16.50 million) in revenue during the first half of 2018 which is more than double the profit a year ago. It is a guarantee that from these millions in sales, a handful came from orders for the Pain Master CBD Cream.

IrieCBD’s Pet Blend

Pets can also benefit from CBD. IrieCBD’s Pet Blend is a full spectrum hemp oil product that is formulated specifically for pets. Aside from CBD, Pet Blend comes packed with cod liver oil and omega-3 fatty acids. Other than helping pets relax, Pet Blend can help animals maintain a shiny coat and it also supports healthy joints and ligaments.

Pet Blend can be given to animals directly, but owners who have trouble doing so can also opt to mix it in with their pet’s favourite bowl of food.

Lulu’s CBD Chocolate

Cannabis and sweets go hand-in-hand. The early days of the industry brought us pot brownies. Now, the CBD market is not backing away from the dessert section as there are gummies, cake pops, and more sweets. One sweet non-CBD believers could try out is Lulu’s CBD Chocolate.

This all vegan and organic chocolate from Lulu is 78 percent cacao. It is infused with 80mg of CBD per serving and it contains no tetrahydrocannabinol, meaning no high can be gotten from it. It was recently chosen as one of NY Mag’s Best CBD products of 2018 as well.

CBD is growing more popular each day. Those who are devoted consumers of the compound will rally behind the benefits they get from CBD products and those who have yet to try should consider jumping on the bandwagon. Lucky for them, there are already countless top-tier products they can easily get their hands on.

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