A Moto 360 Smartwatch Is Seen In This Motorola Mobility LLC handout Image
A Moto 360 smartwatch is seen in this Motorola Mobility LLC handout image released to Reuters on March 18, 2014. Reuters/Motorola Mobility

There is a plethora of Google’s Android-compatible smartwatches available in the market today. Choosing the best smartwatch is a difficult job, but the 2nd generation Moto 360 smartwatch gives you five reasons why you should select it as your primary wearable. Here are the five reasons:

1. The 2nd generation Moto 360 smartwatch can automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network. You do not need to connect the watch through a smartphone as the wireless connection will help sync your watch with your Android smartphone. In this way, you can have access to all apps in your watch that are also in your smartphone.

2. If you charge the Moto 360 smartwatch’s battery to full capacity, it can last for a whole day. Place the smartwatch on the charging dock and let it charge overnight. The dial of the watch displays time when it is charging.

3. You can always keep track of your fitness goals with the Moto 360. Use the Google Fit app in the watch to know how many steps you have walked, what your heart rate is and so on. This small device gives you all kinds of health updates so that you can strive to stay fit all the time, says Google Store.

4. You can now get updates on weather or flights on your Moto 360 smartwatch. For this, you will have to enable the required Google Now card on your Android smartphone, so that the same card is visible on your Moto 360 watch. The Google Now cards that are supported on your watch are based on stocks, weather, reminder, traffic, flight, hotel & restaurant reservations, friends’ birthdays, among others.

5. The Moto 360 offers easy navigation through various notifications in a few seconds, notes Mobilesyrup. Suppose you are in a crowded market and cannot have access to your smartphone which is in your pocket. Simply flip your wrist right and left and the notifications will pop-up on the screen of your watch. To turn on the feature that shows notifications on the watch, go to Setting, then the app Gestures.

The 2nd generation Moto 360 was released on Sep. 2, 2015. It is priced at US$299 (approx. AU$412), observes Android Pit.

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