Apple CEO Tim Cook Speaks About The Apple Watch
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the Apple Watch during an Apple event at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California, September 9, 2014. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Retailers are now offering significant discounts on smartwatches as part of the Christmas holiday sale in the U.S. The discounted devices include the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S2, Moto 360 and Microsoft Band 2.

The Apple Watch Sport can now be purchased for $357.99 via Amazon. The original retail price of this Space Gray model is $408.86, which means buyers can avail a cool 12 percent discount. In addition to the Space Gray variant, other models have also been discounted. Potential buyers can grab their favourite version from Amazon’s Apple Watch discount page.

Motorola is also offering discounts on the first-generation Moto 360 smartwatch via Amazon. This Stone Gray Leather clad model can be purchased for just $164.85, while the actual price is $249.99. This translates to a savings of $85.14 i.e. 34 percent discount.

Meanwhile, the Silver and Dark Gray models of the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch have been discounted to $249 and $247.91, respectively, in Amazon. The original retail price is reportedly $299.99. The retailer has also slashed the price of Samsung Gear S2 Classic to just $299, whereas the actual retail price used to be $349.99. Check out Amazon’s Gear S2 discount page to avail the gadgets.

Furthermore, Amazon has listed the discounted second-generation Microsoft Band 2 price as $199.99, while the original price is $249.99. In case readers would like to purchase the first-generation Band, the gadget can be availed for just $148.14, whereas the debut price used to be $199.99. Pick the favourite variant from Amazon’s Microsoft Band discount page.

Buyers should note that, the retailer is providing free shipping service upon ordering any of the aforesaid devices. However, the discounted smartwatches are available only in limited quantities and hence, readers are advised to order their favourite gear as soon as possible.

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