Motorola’s Android Wear fitness tracking smartwatch Moto 360 Sport will be available, in the US, during the first week of January. To be more precise, it will be up on sale starting Jan. 7 for US$299 (approx. AU$409) on the company’s website. The smartwatch will also be offered by other select online retailers.

Three days later, starting Jan. 10, users can purchase the Moto 360 Sport from all the Best Buy physical stores across the nation. In 2016, Moto 360 Sport will also be available in Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico and Spain. Starting Dec. 18, it will be made available in the UK and France, confirmed the company on the official Motorola Blog.

Earlier this year, Motorola announced the Moto 360 Sport with fitness tracking features and built-in GPS. The smartwatch can also store music for making the workout sessions even more enjoyable for the fitness enthusiasts. Users can sync playlists from Google Play Music with then latest smartwatch.

Android fitness apps like MapMyRun, Under Armour Record, Strava, Google Fit and Fitbit work with the Moto 360 Sport. Moreover, Moto Body records all the workout data and sync with these useful applications.

“With built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring and a music player, Moto 360 Sport has all the tools you need to hit the road and push for your personal best or just free your hands up to do more important things,” says Motorola.

Furthermore, the smartwatch features, AnyLight display, the world’s first hybrid display which is specially designed for better outdoor visibility by reflecting sunlight. Moto 360 Sports stays alive all day even with the new Ambient Mode, which always keeps the timer on. Being an Android Wear watch it keeps the user connected with the world via Gmail and Whatsapp and get regular weather and traffic updates, reports The Verge.

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