Cambodian police officers hold a python before handing it to members of the NGO WildAid, after it was recovered from smugglers, in Kandal province, outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia March 29, 2016. Reuters/Samrang Pring

A four metres long python sunk its fangs into a Thai man’s penis as he was going about his daily morning bathroom routine. A bloody battle ensued and the man had to be rushed to the hospital seriously injured. Atthaporn Boonmakchuay was sitting on his toilet at his Thailand home when a huge snake slithered up the sewer pipes and bit on his penis.

Boonmakchuay felt a shark bite on the tip of his privates. He screamed and touched the area with his hands and was horrified to find a head of a python. It had its jaws firmly clamped over his penis. In utter shock, the man started screaming and calling his wife. He desperately tried to separate the snake from his member but the python would just not let it go.

There was blood everywhere and the man thought he would lose his penis. The bloody battle continued when Boonmakchuay called out for a rope and before passing out, managed to tie the serpent’s head to the bathroom door. This forced the snake to let go off his penis. The 38-year-old soon collapsed from shock, exhaustion and massive blood loss. He was rushed to the hospital.

Boonmakchuay felt that his penis was gone forever. Amazing footage showed how emergency services managed to take the serpent out of the hole. Bangpakong News reported that the emergency services guys had to break the toilet with hammers to take it out. During this entire mission, the snake was alive. It will be sent back into the wild soon.

The man and his family stays in east of Bangkok in Chachoengsao. Boonmakchuay is now recovering in hospital after this shocking incident and is in a stable condition.