'The 100'
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“The Other Side” starts with an unhappy Bellamy arguing about the decision Clarke made, which seemed to have sealed the fate of the members of other tribes. While the fight for the bunker door continues on the one side, Raven is fighting a different battle altogether. The following article contains spoilers.

The Skaikru have taken the bunker all for themselves, but some of them want to know what’s happening outside. Bellamy (Bob Morley) makes radio contact with Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), and everyone learns about the outcome of the Conclave.

In a surprising twist, Octavia won the Conclave and had promised to open the bunker doors to everyone. She now has to wait for Bellamy to take charge on the inside and open the locked doors for her to keep her promise.

However, Jaha (Isaiah Washington) is unwilling to relent. He believes that all the other tribes would kill the Skaikru if they are allowed inside. He convinces Clarke (Eliza Taylor) by making her believe that saving their people is the same as saving humanity.

But, Bellamy can’t betray his sister and will do everything he can to save all the people. That’s when Jaha steps in and has him locked up.

Later, Abby (Paige Turco) saves Bellamy, and the two try to open the door. Abby gives Jaha one last chance to do the right thing. He refuses to see reason, and gets knocked out.

Bellamy on the other hand heads to the bunker door and waits for Abby to open it from her end. Meanwhile, Clarke discovers that her prisoner has escaped and heads straight to the door. She points her gun at Bellamy but doesn’t have the heart to kill him. The doors are opened and everyone is allowed in, except Echo (Tasya Teles).

Echo overhears how The Sky People have betrayed everyone. But, Octavia reminds her that she too dishonored the Ice Kingdom by taking part in the Conclave secretly. When the bunker doors open, Octavia upholds Echo’s banishment and sends her on her way.

Back on Becca’s island, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) suddenly starts to see Sinclair (Alessandro Juliani), who tells her to fight and not give up so easily. She comes up with an experiment to reset her brain. After nearly losing her life, she succeeds. She has one message for the world: “This is Raven Reyes, and I’m alive.”