'Young Sheldon'
A poster of the TV series "Young Sheldon." Young Sheldon/ Facebook

The young genius will have to face his biggest challenge yet in “Young Sheldon” episode 9. Shelly will be tasked with teaching his brother some math, which will be his biggest challenge ever. The preview video shows how this will be yet another hilarious episode.

A preview video posted on YouTube shows that doing crunches at school will not be the only problem Sheldon will face in the next episode. His brother is failing in math, and Shelly will be bribed with US$20 (AU$26) to help Georgie out.

Things don’t go so well. Georgie will even accuse his brother of being a bad teacher. There is no mention of him spending time reading magazines instead of school books, but the boy genius is not ready to give up so soon.

Another sneak peek of next episode on YouTube shows Georgie relaxing in his room when Sheldon comes to help him with his math problem. Seeing the room so dirty, Shelly attempts to ascertain how big a problem teaching his brother will be while attempting to clean as much of the room as possible.

Looking at how evasive Georgie can be, Sheldon will decide that the $20 his father promised him will not be enough for the hassle he has to endure. This is one of the things his Meemaw (Annie Potts) agrees on. Will George Sr. (Lance Barber) come up with a better incentive for his son to teach his brother?

Apart from the challenges at home, the next episode may also shed more light on Sheldon’s life at school. The focus will be more on the physical development of the young man, who apparently can’t even do one crunch. The TV series is showing how the boy slowly turns into Jam Parson’s character in “The Big Bang Theory.”