'Young Sheldon'
A poster of the TV series "Young Sheldon." Young Sheldon/ Facebook

A preview video of “Young Sheldon” season 1 episode 2 has been released online. The boy genius is back, and this time around, he will have to learn new things from his grandma. Fans of “Big Bang Theory” will be well aware of Meemaw, a significant character in Sheldon’s life.

Annie Potts will be making her debut as Meemaw next episode. This is an important character who will be a series regular. The foul-mouthed, hard-drinking grandmother will have a thing or two to teach Sheldon (Iain Armitage).

The preview video of next episode posted on YouTube shows an interesting conversation between Sheldon and his grandmother. While the boy genius is straight as an arrow, Meemaw wants him to learn how to tell lies.

The person Sheldon is supposed to lie to his own mother, which will prove to be a challenge. Meemaw, however, wants her grandson to believe in himself and try. The grandma will also play cards with Sheldon.

There will be a lot of sneaky things that Sheldon will get involved in. The preview video shows Georgie (Montana Jordan) sneaking out of the house, and he wants his siblings to stay quiet.

The next episode will also shed more light on the developing personality of Sheldon’s sister. The video shows her trying to play the guitar.

After the pilot episode became a big hit, the show appears stay on air for a long time. Talking about what it’s like for his character to be starting high school, Armitage told Entertainment Tonight that Sheldon is both happy and unhappy. The boy genius is happy about going to high school, but at the same time, he is not pleased with the way things are. The full interview has been posted on YouTube.