Photo of the "Yooka Layle" game.

“Yooka Laylee” will be released on April 11. The green and purple duo Yooka and Laylee will bring players on another adventure through different platforms.

The game has been a much-anticipated game since it was announced late last year. It will be released soon and many would-be buyers are excited to learn more about the game. Recently, game developer Playtonic announced that the game will be available on PC, Linux, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. Also, it announced that the game will be compatible with the Nintendo Switch. However, it may take some time before this happens.

Players who wish to play this game on the Switch console will have to wait until sometime this 2017. There is currently no release date for the Nintendo Switch as the developers are yet to develop a version for the said console. Earlier, players backed a Kickstarter initiative, which would include a Wii U compatible version of the game. But this did not happen; game developers announced that the game will be released on the Switch instead. In addition to this though, the game may not have a physical version for the console as it could become more expensive.

Physical versions of ‘Yooka Laylee’

Playtonic has said that a physical version of the game was dispatched early April and would arrive for the PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One by April 5. For the PC, there will be two physical versions, which include a manual/artbook but only one of the versions will have a manual/artbook signed by the dev team. A 64-bit cartridge of the game is also available with a manual/artbook and box.

Game release and price

“Yooka Laylee” was first released in Australia and New Zealand, reported the Playtonic Games blog. Players can can get their copy of the game from many stores. For the PS4 and Xbox One, buyers can go visit or order from JB HiFi, PlayStation Network, Big W, OZGameshop, EB Games, Target, The Gamesmen and Amazon. The game will set players back by $49, $47.95, $45, $44, $59.95, $45, $49.95 and $53.33 (excluding shipping) respectively. On the other hand, Xbox One users can also download the game from Xbox Live, which costs $50. For PC users, Steam has the game available for $53, according to Kotaku.