Lei Jun, Xiaomi founder and CEO
Lei Jun, Xiaomi founder and CEO, speaks at a launch ceremony for the Xiaomi Phone 4 in Beijing in 2014. Reuters/Jason Lee

Power-packed Microsoft Lumia 950 XL with Windows 10 Mobile OS on board can now be pre-ordered Down Under. Australians’ other favourite brand Xiaomi, on the other hand, has not released the flagship Mi 5 yet. However, rumours and leaks from across the globe have helped shape the device to get an idea of what to expect. Here is a comparison of configuration details, release date and price of the aforesaid handsets.

Xiaomi Mi 5 vs. Lumia 950 XL: Price, Release Date

The Lumia 950 XL will set the buyers back by AU$1,129, when purchased via the official Microsoft Store. The ordered handset will reach the door steps on Dec. 8.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi Mi 5 has been rumoured to come with a price tag of US$350, which roughly approximates to AU$478, according to Xiaomi Fan Blog. However, there is no clear indication of the release date yet. This is precisely because the device was initially speculated to be unveiled in November and later, the date was postponed to Dec. 3, according to Android Pit. But then, as we know, there is no official announcement yet.

Xiaomi Mi 5 vs. Lumia 950 XL: Display

The new Microsoft device comes with a 5.7-inch AMOLED display, 1,440 x 2,560 pixels resolution and Gorilla Glass 4 protection. The Xiaomi handset, on the other hand, is believed to feature a 5.3-inch IPS LCD display with the same QHD resolution as the Lumia handset. The pixel density of the Lumia 950 and Xiaomi Mi 5 translate to 518 ppi and 554 ppi, respectively. With 500+ ppi pixel strength on board, both the handsets are guaranteed to give impressive depth and colour reproduction.

Speaking of design, the Lumia device sports the conventional polycarbonate (plastic) chassis. The plastic material helps keep the phone light-weight. Nevertheless, Phone Arena says, with a whopping price tag, the handset lacks the premium look seen in the metal-clad Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9. When it comes to Xiaomi, there’s no information available to ascertain the exterior look of the device, as of today.

Xiaomi Mi 5 vs. Lumia 950 XL: Under The Hood

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 SoC powers the Lumia 950 XL and it comes backed by 3 GB of RAM, whereas the Mi 5 is rumoured to come with the latest Snapdragon 820 chipset on board. To top it off, a killer 4 GB RAM configuration has been pegged for the Xiaomi handset.

On the software front, as mentioned earlier, the Lumia device runs the Windows 10 Mobile OS. The Xiaomi handset, however, will apparently settle for Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS.

When it comes to memory specification, the Lumia 950 XL comes equipped with 32 GB of native storage space and a microSD card slot for expansion. The Xiaomi Mi 5 will reportedly offer 16 GB and 64 GB storage choices with no option to expand.

Xiaomi Mi 5 vs. Lumia 950 XL: Camera, Battery

Microsoft has housed an impressive 20 MP PureView primary camera unit on the Lumia 950 XL with OIS support. The Xiaomi Mi 5, meanwhile, has been rumoured to feature a 16 MP rear-facing sensor with OIS support.

While the Lumia handset comes with a 5 MP front-facing shooter, the Mi 5 will apparently feature a 6 MP sensor. To top it all off, there is a triple-LED flash mounted on the Microsoft handset, whereas the Xiaomi device settles for a dual-LED flash.

Speaking of battery configuration, a non-removable 3,030 mAh battery cell will reportedly be housed in the Xiaomi Mi 5. The Lumia 950 XL, on the other hand, features a removable 3,340 mAh cell.

Xiaomi Mi 5 vs. Lumia 950 XL: Misc

  1. Microsoft has accommodated an iris scanner on the Lumia 950 XL for authentication. Xiaomi, meanwhile, is rumoured to house a fingerprint scanner on the home key.
  2. Lastly, the Lumia device features a USB Type-C connector and Xiaomi’s Mi 5 is believed to follow suit.

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