Xbox One
Seagate has released a 4TB hard drive for the Xbox One. Seagate

New Xbox devices may be in the cards. Microsoft is allegedly testing new and more powerful Xbox One consoles, which could serve to be a good contender for the alleged PS4.5.

A new source had approached The Verge to state that Microsoft had been testing several Xbox device prototypes. While there are no concrete details of what these upgrades are supposed to be, there are upgraded components that are related to improved gaming performance, especially of a PC gaming rig.

This reveal comes after one NeoGAF user ekin had discovered some filings, which showed testing on Xbox One wireless chip which had a new model number and new wireless chip. All of the details related to this filing is still under a non-disclosure agreement, set to be lifted come June 25. Whether or not this amounts to a new Xbox One or just upgrade components that may be optional for current users remains to be seen.

A new hardware upgrade for the Xbox One, despite not being the original plan of Microsoft executives, may be a good platform to jumpstart what appears to be low sales. While the company has not been very vocal about the figures of the Xbox One’s sales, there are other means to get the numbers and work backwards to get to the Xbox One’s possible total sales.

One way is through what Electronic Arts’ CFO Blake Jorgensen had revealed during an earnings call for the company. Based on the figures, The Guardian reported that it’s possible that Xbox One sales have not yet even reached 20 million.

Jorgensen had revealed that combined lifetime moved units for the two consoles was 55 million. Since Sony had been diligent in rolling out the number of PS4 consoles that have been sold, the current figure being 35.9 million, then by subtracting Sony’s figure from Jorgensen’s estimate would reveal a 19.1 million estimate of units sold for the Xbox One.

It is no secret that the Xbox One is not performing as well as the PS4, its closest rival. But that does not mean that the console has not improved since its launch. Microsoft has been rolling out system updates to improve to and add features on the Xbox One. The latest is planned to hit the Preview program sometime between late May and early June.

However, given that Sony may be building a PS4.5 improved console, an Xbox One with improved upgrade hardware may be a good way to bring up Xbox One sales even more. At the very least, it will offer its own new console on the market as a rival to the PS4’s upcoming improved version.

For now, both of the alleged refresh consoles are still speculations, with stronger basis for the PS4.5. While none of the companies have confirmed these plans, Xbox head Phil Spencer had already previously stated that in terms of upgrades, bigger upgrades instead of minor hardware refreshes are preferred, so an “Xbox One and a half” may not be in the cards.