Xbox One
The Xbox One March system update will introduce new social features. Major Nelson

Now that it’s the middle of April, some fans are wondering when the next Xbox One System update will arrive. Like clockwork, Microsoft has been rolling out monthly updates to improve its console.

However, it seems that the company is gearing up for a bigger update, which will come sometime between May and June. According to Digital Trends, the next Xbox One System Update may carry with it some features related to the Windows 10. It seems that Microsoft is prioritising the Windows 19 and its Anniversary Update features for the meantime set for release in the summer.

But even with this, Xbox One users who are also part of the preview program may be looking at sampling what’s in store sometime between May and June. Partner Director of Program Management of the Xbox and Windows Mike Ybarra has teased that the next Xbox One System update will come out for the preview program during this timeline, and will tout some of the Anniversary Update features with it.

“Win10 Anniversary Update” announced at //build will have key gaming features, so next Xbox system update goes to preview end May/early June,” said Ybarra in a tweet quoted by Digital Trends.

Even with the major up ahead, there was also some small updates said to come to the Xbox One before the expected Anniversary Update, though this was not fully detailed. Basically, what the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring is Cortana and the unified Windows Store for Universal Windows Platform apps for the Xbox One.

The last bit is interesting in that the expected outcome would ideally allow Xbox One users to start up a game on the Xbox One and continue it on the PC later on, so long as the game is coded to support it. Considering the latest issues seen with “Quantum Break,” supposedly a game that can be played on both the Xbox One and PC, it would be interesting to see how the next update will affect issue experienced by the latest Xbox One and PC title release.

In related Xbox One news, a new filing for two models of the Xbox One may actually go against a previous announcement from Microsoft. Earlier, Xbox head Phil Spencer had stated that the company would prefer major updates compared to smaller upgrades or an “Xbox One and a half.”

The new filing, however, is for two models, 1682 and 1683, of the Xbox One, DualShockers reported. It appears that the first model features the same user manual as the current model, but the 1683 has a different one. At first look, this could mean a refresh version of the Xbox One, but as the source pointed out, it is possible that the other one could be a DevKit instead of a version up for release.

For now, the documentation is reportedly still locked until June 25 and July 29 for models 1683 and 1682 respectively. Hopefully, more will be known at E3 2016, in the event that Microsoft is planning to release new versions of the console.

Windows 10 Anniversary update (Credit: YouTube/Pureinfotech)