Final Fantasy XV
The Regalia has a top-notch customisation on top of its flying form. Square Enix

The Uncovered “Final Fantasy XV” event is not the last one that fans can look forward to in terms of getting more information about the title. Square Enix has announced that, as early as April 21, there will be another Active Time Report featuring the game.

The company has already revealed the details for the event. One of the most important information is that the ATR may not necessarily hold news that encompasses fans outside of Japan. According to DualShockers, Square Enix has confirmed that the ATR will not have subtitles and the language will be completely in Japanese.

“The plan is to talk to our Japanese fans about things happening in Japan which aren’t really relevant to our western fans,” said the official statement as posted over the “Final Fantasy XV” Twitter.

It is possible that the ATR will feature events that will only be held in Japan, or potential editions, releases and other promotions that will not extend to western territories. For fans who still want to see what’s happening with “Final Fantasy XV,” the ATR will be livestreamed via Japanese channel of Square Enix and the link here. It will be held at 9:00 p.m. Japanese standard time.

All fans, however, can take part in the new Chocobo Twitter promo enticing fans to be Chocobo keepers. What players need to do is to follow on Twitter the @FFXVEN and @FFXVJP accounts. Doing so will unlock unique gifts.

Over at the official website of the “Final Fantasy XV,” the developer announced the mechanics for the Chocobo contest. The number of gifts that will be awarded will be dependent on the increase of number of followers of the official Twitter accounts during the campaign.

As of writing, the Become a Chocobo Keeper campaign has garnered 45,218 keepers. There are a couple of teased Chocobo eggs on the site that can be collected, with a major golden egg waiting at the end. However, to even get to the second Chocobo, 2,282 followers are required to get another egg to hatch.

For fans who may have followed @FFXVEN immediately when the account was released, there is still a chance to unlock gifts. The developer stated that following the other account will bring in a different gift unlock, so it is a good move to follow both.

Uncovered "Final Fantasy XV" video (Credit: YouTube/Square Enix)