Xbox One controllers
Microsoft is rolling out new Xbox One controllers with gradient finishes. Xbox Wire

Summer will be eventful for Xbox One players who are also patronizing Windows 10. Microsoft is finally moving forward with its plans to more concretely integrate the Windows into the Xbox One ecosystem, as revealed at the GDC 2016. Engadget reported that Jason Ronald, Xbox product manager, has already given a summer timeline for when PC and gaming ecosystems will become open for 2016. The first step to this is by having Windows 10 apps on the Xbox One.

The report stated that this will allow the Windows Store and Xbox Store to become one officially, so that the apps can run in any of the devices under Microsoft’s scope. One concern that some developers have aired is how this may make the ecosystem too exclusive and monopolised for a specific environment for apps.

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However, Microsoft may still open its doors to other possibilities that consider these issues. After all, it has recently also extended an invitation for possible cross-network play with other online networks, like the PS4, which could be bring a big change to multiplayer gaming in general.

For now, the company is developing other advances for its Xbox One console. This includes adding more controller options for the Xbox One. Over at the Xbox Wire, the company unveiled two more additional controllers that are compatible with the latest console.

Dubbed as the Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow, these are the two Special Edition shadow designs for the Xbox One wireless controllers. This adds to the previously released Covert Forces, Armed Forces and Midnight Forces series.

According to the company, the controllers are unique and first-of-its-kind, as it features a gradient finish. It also features all of the new improvements seen in newer Xbox One controllers. These can now be preordered for US$69.99 (approx. AU$92). The U.S, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile and Mexico will first get them via retailers, while other countries worldwide will follow sometime in April.

Speaking of April, there is also a new hint of what Microsoft may offer Xbox One and Xbox 360 players for the April 2016 Games with Gold promo. Based on a new tweet from Xbox, the incoming April 2016 Games with Gold may actually be blockbuster titles. Gamepur reported that Microsoft may already know what it will release as free games to Xbox Live Gold members. The tweet can be seen in the link above, but since it’s still the middle of the month, the company may release more details as April nears.

Windows 10 apps on Xbox One (Credit: YouTube/The Know)