Xie Enwei, General Manager Of Management And Operations Of Microsoft In China, Speaks During The Presentation Of The Xbox One
IN PHOTO: Xie Enwei, general manager of management and operations of Microsoft in China, speaks during the presentation of the Xbox One by Microsoft as part of ChinaJoy 2014 China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference in Shanghai July 30, 2014. Reuters/Carlos Barria

After the quiet time during the holidays for Xbox One updates, the middle of January finally greets fans with a rundown of the Xbox One February System Update. The first main feature coming with the new update are new game hubs. This will be venues where everyone, from gamers to developers and community managers, can talk and share their thoughts on games.

Each game on the Xbox One will have its own game hub, where gamers can check out more information or check in on their friends' activities in relation to the game. Think of it as a hotspot that will also give access to leaderboards, game clips and broadcasts specific to a game.

TV updates will also be coming with the Xbox One February System Update, and it's quite the long list. TV trending for OneGuide has been added to those in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, so that users can check out which shows are trending with viewers. There will also be better TV controls and syncing with other devices for the Xbox One as issues reported by the community have been addressed in the latest update. Forwarding and rewinding a paused scene on the Xbox One is now possible if users have a Digital TV Tuner.

Finally, the previously leaked feature showing transparent tiles and customised backgrounds will debut with the Xbox One February System Update. This was added to make the backgrounds more visible, though there's fair warning that some items cannot be made transparent. Check out the feature by going to Settings > My Xbox > My background.

'Evolve' DLC Already Announced

As preloading on the Xbox One has already commenced, players of "Evolve" should also be looking forward to the upcoming DLC for the title. Videogamer reports that 2K and Turtle Rock Studios have already detailed the DLCs, even confirming the fourth monster will be Behemoth.

The Behemoth will be sold at $14.99 as an expansion, but for gamers who have already obtained the Monster Expansion Pack preorder, consider it part of the deal. The "Evolve" Hunting Season Pass has also been confirmed and given more details. Included in the season pass are four new Hunter characters with one for each of the four classes and three Monster skins, all for 19.99 pounds. Those who prefer buying content one by one can get the characters separately for 6.19 pounds each.

'Scalebound' Bound To Be A Surprise

The Xbox One exclusive has been wrapped in shadows since development, and it doesn't seem like Microsoft or Platinum Games are in any hurry to reveal their latest project. However, IGN managed to tease out something from Microsoft's Ken Lobb in terms of the effect of "Scalebound" on players.

Taking cue from a podcast interview, IGN reports "Scalebound" is meant to be an AAA title. But more than that, it will reportedly shock people once they realise what it really is. To put it into context, the title combines what Platinum as a developer and Microsoft Studios do well. The trailer below pretty much says all about the dragons, but fans will need to wait and see for more.

"Scalebound" on the Xbox One (Credit: YouTube/RabidRetrospectGames)

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