IN PHOTO: A new system update for the Xbox One has been released, bringing with it an onslaught of requested features. People play a Kinect boxing game on an XBox 360 gaming console at the Microsoft booth during the first day of the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada January 6, 2011. Reuters/Steve Marcus

Used to be, there have not been a lot of rules or restrictions when it comes to using game content on the Xbox One or Xbox 360. In fact, if anything, the use of gaming content benefits both sides--Xbox gets the promotion and air time for games to inspire and get more customers, while video creators get their share fans and everything else in between.

Now, there's a new set of rules when a player wants to capture footage via the Xbox One and stream it on video sites. VG 24/7 has spotted the new rules set by Microsoft which also considers the parameters that developers have set for their games.

Let's Play details out the monetization details for the use of gaming content. Basically, capturing and streaming footage to make money off of the ads in video sites is still allowed by most developers. However, it should be noted that YouTube and Twitch are the only sites by which content can be monetized, since other sources are already restricted.

Given the proliferation of pornographic content in relation to gamer-streaming, featured and even created content--such as 2014's infamous PlayStation Camera streamed fan-created adult videos--Microsoft is also putting its foot down against the use of its gaming content if the nature of its use is in the NSFW department. Best to check out the complete list of new rules, as seen here.

Talking about some of Microsoft and the Xbox One's current services brings to mind the cloud-powered Azure, which has received a recent development in relation to game retailer GameStop. According to GameSpot, Microsoft has become the newest partner of the retailer for its GameStop Technology Institute.

What this means is that Azure will help in powering some of GameStop's services, specifically those that will aid in improving its services to engage customers in more informative and interactive services in-store. Some ways that the company is looking at includes streaming of promo videos and games onto mobile devices for shoppers to view content.

GameStop customers can also now expect to see more streamed trailers in-store, as well as faster checkouts via in-store mobile carts. This may be the start for GameStop in terms of using cloud technology to enhance its services.

Microsoft Azure and Xbox (Credit: YouTube/Microsoft Cloud Platform)

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