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"Destiny" developer Bungie is expecting a few more updates and new content to be delivered to fans in the near future, as stated in its latest blog update. Among the first to be teased is the upcoming Hard Mode for Crota's End, which is already in the last stages of development before it's made available to fans. What fans can anticipate about the Hard Mode are some new tricks for players to learn, which could serve as pretty good variation to the current gameplays.

For those looking for a more concrete and upcoming update, there is a new patch coming in Jan. 13, with the preview of what's to come listed below. Note that these are the changes that are specific to Crota's End and Vault of Glass:

Crota's End Updates:

- There is now a chance to drop Exotic weapons and armour, Radiant materials and class pieces in the existing treasure chest reward once Ir Yut is killed.

- In Pit Encounter, there will no longer be physics impulse after lanterns explode.

- In the bridge encounter, players will need to cross the bridge to complete it, as well as wait for the bridge to be completed before crossing with the sword.

- When encountering the Deathsinger, a rare issue of Shrikers not spawning has been fixed, so players are sure to reach the Deathsinger.

- The biggest exploit found by players so far, which happens once a player quits while Crota is kneeling, has been fixed. So players beware: Crota will get back up from the kneeling position.

- Other bugs, such as one that lets players remove the Presence of Crota and makes Oversoul appear destroyed when it's not, have also been fixed.

- For Vault of Glass, there are now exotic weapon drops that are on Level 32.

Even with the exploits now gone, Kotaku reports that there are a few new inclusions that would make things better for players. Zooming in on the change in Deathsinger, the source states that encountering Deathsinger now will really mean more, especially since there are a lot of new drops to expect from the encounter.

As a follow-up for "Destiny" fans who have been waiting for their Christmas gifts, Bungie has announced that players should have already received the Legendary gift. Best to check it out and make sure that your arsenal is updated.

"Destiny" Crota's Knee Glitch (Credit: YouTube/WiLLiSGaming)

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