Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia President Hiroshi Kawano
Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia President Hiroshi Kawano speaks during a news conference in Tokyo September 9, 2013. Reuters/Toru Hanai

The console war between the PS4 and Xbox One pushes well into 2015 as both Sony and Microsoft seem bent on offering more services to fans. Each console greets the new year with new services and perspectives for games, starting with the newly announced PlayStation Now subscription.

Sony has finally detailed the PS Now subscription program, which was teased in 2014 as the rental service for PlayStation. It is also the service that allows PS4 players to enjoy PS3 games using the next-gen console. However, the main concern and criticism of fans is the exorbitant prices when the first pricing plan came out.

A lot of people have been very vocal about how rental prices seem too expensive considering that it only allows a few hours of game time. And not to mention the fact that you never get to own the game since it's just a rental.

The new PS Now subscription program seems to be Sony's answer to the outcry. It has also been one of the fan suggestions for the service. Instead of sticking fans with exorbitant $5 for four hours of playing a title, as had been the practice during the beta run, the prices are now much more acceptable.

According to the PlayStation Blog, there are two subscription plans for fans. The first is a one-month plan worth $19.99. The second is a three-month plan for $44.99, which saves gamers almost $5 per month. What this gives you is access to over 100 PS3 games to play via your PS4.

This is a much better deal, and one that proves that Sony does value fan feedback. What's more, for those who are still doubtful of taking advantage of the PS Now subscription, a seven-day trial is currently being offered for free once it launches on Jan 13.

Even the offered titles have expanded in terms of range and genre. Some of the titles that are currently offered include "The Last of Us," "God of War," "NBA 2K14," "GRID," "Killzone 3," "The Walking Dead," "Spelunky," "Saints Row 2," "Sniper Elite," "Metal Slug 2" and "BioShock Infinite," among others, so best to try out the free trial.

Over at Microsoft's arena, the Windows 10 even this coming Jan 21 is one of the most anticipated happenings to kick off the year. One of the reasons for this is the combined announcement of a possible integration of the Windows PC and Xbox in terms of games.

DualShockers reports that this is currently evidenced by yet another job ad for a software engineer who will be tasked to bring an experience for both Xbox and PC players. This greatly hints at a possibly similar experience to the Games for Windows Live from 2007. While, according to the report, this has failed in its time, the advancements in technology and the capabilities of the next-gen consoles may allow for cross-platform experiences for Windows and Xbox.

PS Now Introduced (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

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