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It's that time of the year again, when the previous iteration of an annually-released title is starting to reach half of its lifespan. And when that happens, the developer starts to tease what fans can expect next in the franchise.

This seems to be exactly what Ubisoft is trying to do for "Far Cry 4," as a new poll gets sighted teasing possible settings and characters for the next "Far Cry" game. According to Eurogamer, some "Far Cry 4" players have seen the poll, which contains clues to the next joyride.

Some of the possible settings include an encounter with vampires, hunting dinosaurs, a trip through historical settings including the Vietnam war, a visit to Peru and Alaska and, of course, the possibility of a zombie outbreak. While this does not guarantee any of the settings being the actual one to come out this year, the source does mention that Ubisoft has had its share of teasing and actually doing games as per polls-and it's not limited to "Far Cry 4/" "Assassin's Creed" has also seen the poll treatment, and a number of these polls actually bore fruit.

Most of the choices are pretty interesting, and most of the time, Ubisoft was able to pull off teasing the Himalayas. During the early days of "Far Cry 4," fans have even previously expected some snowboards and abominable snowmen when the Himalayas was first teased as a setting.

Fans over at the Ubisoft forums have started speculating on what will happen to the title, but it did add to the excitement of what's to come next. Gamers have to remember that the first few teasers for "Far Cry 4" last year appeared as early as February, so it may just be a matter of weeks until more concrete teasers come out for what could be "Far Cry 5."

For now, those who are still playing "Far Cry 4" may want to go through the game more carefully and vigilantly as Easter eggs have been teased by creative director Alex Hutchinson. The Games Cabin reports that this may be a way to delve deeper into the layers of the game as there can still be some secrets left unturned.

The report cites possible alternate endings and other cool stuff, as long as the player is willing to explore. And that may mean going against what some missions may be telling you to do. Hutchinson has a rather specific teaser in his latest tweet. Replying to a fan inquiry, Hutchinson suggests killing de Pleur on the way back to Banapur. Originally, the game mission is against this, but if you're feeling more adventurous, it may be good to see what Hutchinson meant.

Easter egg in "Far Cry 4" (Credit: YouTube/deathmule)

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