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A person plays a video game at a Sony PlayStation in the Sony's flagship store in Berlin, April 27, 2011. Reuters/Thomas Peter

With the PS4 soon heading towards its second year in its lifespan, Sony's outlook and hopes for its next-gen console is far from waning. If anything, it is looking at 2015 as the year for the PS4 to prove its strength even more.

In an interview quoted by DualShockers, Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House revealed some key reasons why he thinks the PS4 is looking at a pretty good year. Starting with a quick look back at what the PS4 was able to accomplish, House cites that all of its targets for North America, Europe and even Japan have all been above expectations.

But more than just the sales of the actual PS4 console, the momentum is also looking to bleed into games. According to the source, the strong titles such as "Bloodborne" and "The Order 1886" are just some of the factors that can fuel the strength of the PS4. With all of these coming in 2015, House is confident that the PS4 is on the way to doing even better than the PS3 was able to deliver.

More Details On Upcoming Titles For the PS4

Some of the games that are coming to the PS4 are slowly getting new updates. One of them is "Hellblade," which is a console exclusive title from Ninja Theory. It has just recently also been announced to debut on the PC and PC Gamer reports that this new revelation can be accompanied by mod support.

"We're looking at everything we do on this project and figuring out better ways of doing things compared to how the traditional AAA console model works," said Tameem Antoniades, creative chief at Ninja Theory, to PC Gamer.

The details for the alpha online co-op mode for "Bloodborne" has also been detailed. Gameranx has managed to land a list of new items and additions that the game will have for the co-op mode. Specifically, four items will be available, namely the Bell of Dream Summoning, the Small Bell of Resonating, Blank Ammunition of Farewell and Memoir.

There are a few uses and mechanics that come with the items, such the ability to have as many as three players once the two bells are used. To do this, the Bell of Dream Summoning will be used by the host, while the two other guests will have to use the Small Bell of Resonating.

The co-op mode will let you encounter some elements in "Bloodborne," such as ghosts and graves, and ultimately, the uses of the items. To end an co-op, the source states that you will either have to defeat the boss or have the host use the Blank Ammunition of Farewell. Watch out for"Bloodborne" on Mar 24 when it debuts on the PS4.

Multiplayer Weekend For Non-PS Plus Members Spotted

The PlayStation Plus subscription has continuously given its members a lot of free games every month. But for the weekend of Jan. 16 to 18, even non-subscribers will get a chance to enjoy what the PS Plus services are in terms of multiplayer.

The Free Multiplayer Weekend for those on the PS4 was spotted by Gamepur, where multiplayer access for PS4 games will not require a PS Plus subscription. It's a pretty good treat that extends the holiday cheer for PS4 owners. But some can also look at it as a chance to test out the PS Plus and see the services for themselves. Check out the link above to see the promotional poster for the event.

"Bloodborne" alpha mechanics (Credit: YouTube/Peeve Peeverson)

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