Xbox One S designer
The Xbox One S follows an architectural and logical approach to design. Microsoft Andrew Kim/Minimally Minimal blog

There’s still a week left in August, but Microsoft has already teased the first game coming to its September Xbox Games with Gold promo.

Snowcastle Games’ four-year major project “Earthlock: Festival of Magic” will be available on the first day of September for the Xbox One, Major Nelson announced in his official blog.

“Earthlock: Festival of Magic” is a turn-based RPG that has its roots in Scandinavian history. It will put players in the shoes of Amon, together with his band the goal is to save Umbra. No, Umbra is not a princess, but rather a beautiful but harsh world that has already stopped its cycle thousands of years before.

The quest will be interspersed with strategising to beat enemies, crafting for ammos and other materials, harvesting elemental plants and customising the talent tree of the character.

Check out more of “Earthlock: Festival of Magic” in the official launch trailer, seen below.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic launch trailer (Credit: YouTube/Snowcastle Games)

Xbox One S: The man who designed the sleekest Xbox One to date

The Xbox One S has been lauded as one of the best and sleekest design of its console family to date. For those who are wondering who are the minds and hands behind the redesigned version, Microsoft designer Andrew Kim revealed in his Minimally Minimal blog that he was part of the team responsible for the Xbox One S.

“This was the first project assigned to me after joining Microsoft. After the launch of Xbox One, the design team began investigating a new approach to game console design,” said Kim in his official blog. “For Xbox One S, we wanted to create a more friendly and universal product that doesn’t evoke traditional ‘gaming’ cues.”

According to Kim, the aim of the team behind the Xbox One S is to ensure easier hardware alignment with the hew Windows 10 design language. This paved the way to the redesigned external shell, the reduced size and the removal of the bulky external power supply.

What they ended up with is a design that follows logic and architecture. To emphasise the minimalist appeal of the Xbox One S, the creator also featured a couple of screenshots of the device, one of which can be seen above.

The Xbox One S is already out as a 2TB versions. A 1TB version and a 500GB version will be released down the line.