X-Men Dark Phoenix
A poster of the film "X-Men: Dark Phoenix." X-Men/ Facebook

Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) has shared her insights about the fan reaction to the recently released trailer of “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.” The actress talked about the villainous character Smith (Jessica Chastain), and also talked about her character feeling betrayed by Charles (James McAvoy).

The name Smith is actually just a stand in, and the name of the character will be different in the film. This suggests that the character will be a familiar villain from the comics. In a recent interview with IGN, Turner spoke about the motivations of the character, giving the fans some hints about who the villain really is.

Turner said that she didn’t want to reveal too much about Smith, but she did reveal that the character is interested in Jean’s power. The villain wants the cosmic powers of Jean to use them for her own purposes.

It will not be an antagonistic relationship between Jean and Smith right from the beginning. In order to get these cosmic powers, the villain will first become friends with Jean, and nurture her in a way that makes the mutant trust Smith.

Another aspect of the recently released trailer is that everyone blames Charles for what happened with Jean, something that even the fans have pointed out. Turner explained that abandonment is a big issue for her character. Jean has been abandoned by everyone she has come across since a very young age. So, the “betrayal” by Charles will hit her very hard.

Turner said that some of the negative things that her character will do in the film is her acting out against Charles. The trailer shows that she takes things too far, and a team of X-Men will have to fight her to stop the mayhem.

“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” has been directed by Simon Kinberg. The film is set to be released on Feb. 14, 2019 in the US.