Triple H
Professional wrestler Triple H speaks at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony for World Wrestling Entertainment - Reuters/Fred Prouser

The WWE has welcomed the entry or participation of athletes and celebrities throughout the years and WBC cruiserweight boxing champion Tony Bellew could be next in line. Given the choice, Bellew would love to lock up with WWE COO Triple H, one that could be perfect for big WWE pay-per-view.

Bellew was around during the WWE live event at the Echo Arena in Liverpool and was thrown the question by Sky Sports. Apparently a follower of the WWE, Bellew would be open to facing the “Cerebral Assassin” if he were to consider getting inside the wrestling ring.

"Tony would like to slap Triple H's backside," Bellew said. "I like the sound of that, or doing a 'Stone Cold' stunner on Triple H, he was a phenomenal wrestler in his day, so I wouldn't mind a little go at that."

As one can clearly see, Bellew knows his WWE history well. Most are aware that the WWE is scripted and made for entertaining fans. Bellew could follow the lead of other boxers who have stepped in the ring in the past. That includes the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr., Mike Tyson and the late Muhammad Ali.

The difference is that Bellew seems to be seriously considering an actual physical encounter. He could do the same ring participation of “Arrow” star Stephen Amell or maybe even something similar to how retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal was entered in previous WWE battle royals.

A Triple H vs. Bellew could make sense since the latter does have some acting experience. He appeared on “Creed” as “Pretty” Rick Conlan so learning wrestling is the only thing that stands in the way.

However, the difference is Bellew is still active in the boxing scene. He is on a winning streak in the squared circle, last facing David Haye in March. If ever he does get in the ring, it may be best to do so once he has hung up his gloves. Wrestling may be a bit fake but the injuries Bellew could get are too risky.

The question thrown to Bellew was more of a scenario and not really something that should be taken seriously. The WWE will likely consider it but holding a special match may not happen in the near future.

Triple H has shown he can still take the punishment, proof of which was at Wrestlemania 33. Being someone who is open to new talent, don’t be surprised if "Trips" actually talks to Bellew about it as an option in the years to come.