WWE’s Hall of Fame class of 2016 started with a bang with the announcement of the legendary wrestler Sting as the first inductee.

The WrestleMania season has begun in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) with less than 90 days left for Mania 32. World Championship Wrestling (WCW) icon Sting will be the star attraction of the Hall of Fame show that WWE hosts every year on the night before WrestleMania, reported WWE.com.

The 56-year-old legend certainly deserves the entry into WWE’s Hall of Fame after a career span of over thirty years. At one point, Sting was the biggest star in the wrestling industry. Sting was the front face of WCW and his popularity saw him become the star of the company.

Sting started as a bleach blonde character in early nineties and then transformed himself as the black and white crow Sting in the later part of the decade.

Although famous for his legendary character, Sting was also known because of his fantastic in-ring work. His matches with another icon Ric Flair have created history. Sting won several WCW world heavyweight championships in his career.

After WCW went out of business and was taken over by WWE owner Vince McMahon, many wrestlers jumped ship. However, Sting stayed far away from WWE.

However, in 2014 Sting eventually signed a contract with WWE going on to have a fantastic match with Triple H in WrestleMania 31. He had another match with Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in WWE’s pay-per-view Night of Champions in 2015. However, the match was termed as not up to the mark by critics and fans alike.

Sting suffered a serious concussion in the match against Rollins following which he has not appeared on WWE television. Rumours have surfaced since then regarding the retirement of the icon.

WWE’s Hall of Fame induction could very well mean that the career of the once iconic character in wrestling will finally come to a halt.