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Opening of the WWE Survivor Series, a professional wrestling event at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Reuters/Tami Chappell

Former Universal Champion Finn Balor recently returned from injury, but it looks like the "Demon King" will be sidelined once more. Balor reportedly suffered a concussion following a stiff forearm from Jinder Mahal at the April 10 edition of WWE Raw.

Balor out for now

There is no official word yet on how long WWE will keep Finn Balor on the sideline. The best bet is that he will be placed under the general concussion protocol. That could mean the "Demon King" might be shelved for the next shows.

However, seeing how he was able to finish and win the match against Mahal, there is a chance that a week off could help shrug off the injury. Known to be a tough competitor, Balor had defied the odds at SummerSlam 2016. Despite getting injured, he finished the match against Seth Rollins and became the first-ever Universal champion. The reign was short-lived, though, when he was forced to surrender the title due to a torn labrum. He went into detail of that incident with the Wrestling Observer last year.

No love for Jinder Mahal

While fans are wondering about the status of Balor, Jinder Mahal is taking the heat for the incident. Though matches are usually scripted, the stiff shot Mahal landed on Balor solicited a lot of negative comments on social media.

Mahal has since moved to SmackDown, with most wondering if the decision was a result of that incident. He debuted against Mojo Rawley but had to deal with NFL player Rob Gronkowski in the April 11 edition of WWE SmackDown.

Who will Balor be feuding with?

Assuming that Balor gets over the new setback, the question now involves who he would be feuding with. The tag match last week where he paired with Seth Rollins against Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe could provide a hint.

But it looks like his next fight is with Bray Wyatt following the announcement on the April 10 edition of WWE Raw. The "Eater of Worlds" revealed he was coming to Raw, with the "Demon King" one of his targets. Seeing how both carry a supernatural twist, WWE fans will likely pay more attention to the sidelights than the physciality expected in the ring.

Wyatt needs to focus on Randy Orton for now. Both are set to meet at WWE Payback on April 30 with Wyatt looking to win back the title he lost at Wrestlemania 33. If he ends up victorious, he will bring the heavyweight title to Raw and add more color to his developing storyline with Balor. WWE Payback and other WWE shows can be viewed by Australian fans via the WWE Network.