Opening of the WWE Survivor Series, a professional wrestling event at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Reuters/Tami Chappell

AJ Lee (AJ Mendez-Brooks) is best known as one of the most polarizing figures in the WWE Women's division before being forced into retirement in 2015. Permanent damage to her cervical spine was singled out as the reason she decided to give up her career. She is not totally closing the door on a WWE return, though.

AJ Lee has been busy supporting her husband and former WWE champion CM Punk (Phil Brooks). The 30-year-old former Divas champion was asked about another possible WWE run, but Lee feels there is nothing more to prove, according to CBS Sports.

The former wrestler seems pretty content and happy about where she is right now. She pointed out how she had a pitch-perfect career that included championship reigns and becoming WWE Raw general manager. With those accomplishments, it may take more to lure her back into the squared circle, Cageside Seats reported.

While AJ Lee is not closing doors to a possible return, there are complications ahead. The most prominent is the issue involving her husband and the WWE. Punk left the WWE in 2014, and Lee was caught in the middle of the crossfire. To date, nothing has changed, though there are speculations that Punk could return to the WWE fold at some point in the future.

If ever that happens, a CM Punk return could be the green light for an AJ Lee homecoming. The WWE has been taking in talent, both old and new. A perfect example is Mickie James who is now on Raw.

But what are the chances of AJ Lee returning without waiting for her husband to mend ties with the McMahons? The money on the table could be tempting, but AJ Lee and CM Punk don’t seem to be in need of financial gain.

Another title run could be possible, assuming AJ Lee gets the itch to make for either Raw or SmackDown. Of the two shows, the Blue brand could use someone like her, since its Women’s division is a bit thin right now. Charlotte Flair and Tamina Snuka did come over but the lineup could still use a veteran like Lee.

At this point, anything is possible. There is no word yet if the WWE had even considered negotiations with AJ Lee since there is a current rift between her husband and Vince McMahon. Given time, Lee could return – with or without her husband’s consent.