WWE 2K16 special edition
The "WWE 2K16" special edition from EB Games https://ebgames.com.au/

“WWE 2K16” fans can enjoy two new videos that feature some face-off against some of the upcoming fighters for 2K’s wrestling title. The first video shows off the fight between Hideo Itami and Tyler Breeze.

The highlights of the fight, spotted by Wrestlezone, shows off an extended gameplay fight between the two. The action is a fast exchange of different moves, with Itami dominating during the first half of the video.

However, as quickly as the attacks go, Breeze is able to get up and dish out some whopping of his own. He delivers a modified sharpshooter, before Itami gets back up and gives Breeze a beating. This includes a few body kicks and slam before Itami is proclaimed the victor.

Another video shows off a match between Natalya and Eva Marie. According to WhatCulture, the video shows off the realistic inclination of “WWE 2K16” in emulating fighters in the ring. As seen in the video in the link, this involves a variety of submission moves, where Eva is on the receiving end of the move.

Natalya is putting the redhead in all kinds of stretches, with fans and commentators cheering when she finally landed her ultimate move, the Sharpshooter. According to the report, the action is very realistic, so much so that Eva’s botching is also portrayed in the clip.

Apart from the action, fans can also enjoy the ongoing three-man commentary in the background. Power Up Gaming reported that this is the first time that Jerry “The King” Lawler, Michael Cole and JBL will be teaming up to work on “WWE 2K16.” Overall, there is an improvement in the dynamic that may make the game one of the better iterations in the franchise.

“WWE 2K16” is set to release on Oct. 27 on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. Recently, the full roster of wrestlers have been released. However, fans have noted that some names of divas were not included, prompting speculations of either DLC release or additional names still coming to the roster.

Itami vs. Breeze highlights (Credit: YouTube/WWE2Kdev)

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