Destiny Expansions
"Destiny" and all of its expansion packs, including "The Taken King"

A lot of “Destiny” players have finally gotten their hands on the latest expansion, The Taken King. However, while the launch has been fairly smooth, there are a few things that Guardians should take note of.

First off, developer Bungie has already released the hotfix specifically for the Collector’s Edition of The Taken King. Over at the official Bungie website, the details of the fix have been listed. Armour awards can now be seen in its designated location in the Postmaster’s interface. At the same time, packages will contain the correct item, regardless of what class the Guardian that opens it has.

Additionally, for players who have collected their VIP Year One rewards before the allotted time may see themselves stuck in the Veteran’s Tour quest. Bungie has also revealed a fix for this via its official Twitter. Some players may be seeing that they are stuck with “Talk to Eva Lavante” step, rendering them unable to get the shader reward.

To deal with the issue, players will need to delete or discard The Old Guard shader, the Be Brave emblem and the S-34 Ravensteel Sparrow so they can accept the rewards. Fans have attested to seeing the items go back to their kiosks when they are deleted or discarded.

Xbox players have also reported encountering problems when loading “Destiny” The Taken King. Specifically, some players are facing the Error code 80070057 issue, which makes the game unplayable on certain Xbox consoles, Pixel Dynamo reported.

This error is preventing players from downloading the title. Some players have reported that they encounter this when downloading the Collector’s Edition or the Legendary Edition of the expansion. Bungie has already responded over the forums that it is currently investigating a fix for the issue. One fan did suggest a solution that others have attested to.

Over at the Bungie forums, user ISeeSquirrels stated that a hidden menu will appear with the error code. Players will need to Click A, and then down. This should be done seven times. Afterwards, players can check their active downloads. The Bungie forums user confirmed that, afterwards, A can now be pressed in the “Download content” area, with the error now gone.

For now, “Destiny” The Taken King is already live for players. It will bring some major changes, from bringing Oryx and his army into the game and a level cap increase to 40 for starters.

"Destiny" The Taken King PS4 bundle (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

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