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While most fans may be hyped about the possibility of a “Pokemon Z” in the horizon, some new CoroCoro images have shown new information about the “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Currently, the game is available in Japan, while those in the west are still waiting for respective releases of the game in other territories.

The newest CoroCoro leaks have an accompanying QR code that will let players obtain the TM Power-Up Punch. No word yet on how this will be distributed in the west once the game releases on Nov. 20 for those in North America. Additionally, there will also be a special distribution for the CoroCoro Dungeon, trusted Pokemon source Serebii reported.

Previously, the developer has confirmed that there will be 120 dungeons coming to “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.” Whether or not the CoroCoro Dungeon will be part of the main roster remains to be seen, but it will feature 20 floors and have the Garchomp as the boss. In Japan, fans are finding out that the “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon” requires 13,597 blocks or 1.8GB of download space to get the games in the Nintendo 3DS.

The other hot Pokemon title now is the “Pokemon Shuffle.” And in celebration of the game’s new milestone, wherein the game received five million downloads from players all over the world, the developer has a new surprise waiting. According to Segment Next, players can face off against Diancie in the game.

The Diancie Commemorative Event stage will see players trying to defeat Diancie in 20 turns. Once successful, they will be able to capture the Pokemon. Diancie will need a bit of power from other Pokemon in players’ parties, as she showcases the Barrier Bash+ and a 70 attack power. While she can be a good addition to one’s Pokemon collection, she also has the freeze ability, which will disrupt the attacks coming from the center.

The new event is available until Sept. 28. The special event can be found in the Special stages portion of “Pokemon Shuffle,” and will be available once players download the necessary update file. For now, the event is only available for those playing the Nintendo 3DS version.

"Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon" trailer (Credit: YouTube/projectmmwsfz)

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