An emotional Mick Fanning has missed out a chance for a fourth world surf title at the Pipes Masters after a strong outing overshadowed by the death of a family member.

Fanning lost his bid for another world title over Brazilian Adriano de Souza a day after learning about the death of his brother Peter on the Gold Coast. The 34-year-old Fanning said he had been almost in tears in most part of the competition thinking about Peter, whose death has not been disclosed.

Despite the grief, Fanning was able to remain focused, defeating 11-time world champion Kelly Slater in the quarterfinals. However, the world No. 2 was knocked out of the Pipe Masters in his semifinal round by Gabriel Medina. His world title quest then depended on the outcome of the other semifinal match between de Souza and Mason Ho, which the former won to give him his first world title and putting Fanning into second place.

"The energy has been amazing, walking down almost in tears every time I'm coming down," Fanning said, reports the BBC. "A friend told me once we can deal with anything. Stay true to yourself and things will happen."

Fanning, who had a life-threatening experience at the J-Bay Open in South Africa after getting knocked off by a shark, posted on Instagram that Peter would always be his hero and how grateful he is to the support of fans that came his way.

Meanwhile, De Souza paid tribute to Fanning after winning the title. The world No. 1 praised the Aussie of being the “most strong man” he has met and describing Fanning as a “true champion.” "I wish so much to give a hug to Mick's mum, but it's kind of scary as we are in a world title race and I didn't want to mix it up,” De Souza said, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

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