A Woolworths Ltd sign hangs above the entrance of a store in Sydney, Australia June 18, 2015. Reuters/David Gray

Woolworths has apologised to a pregnant mother after one of the store's employees allegedly yelled at her. Nancy Iemma, the pregnant woman's sister, posted to the store's Facebook page about her complaint on the incident. She shared the series of events that happened on Sunday at the Moonee Ponds Safeway store in Melbourne where her sister was allegedly mistreated.

According to Iemma, she was with her heavily pregnant sister along with her sister's children. She said that her nieces started to get cheeky. Then they began to pick up items and threw it in the trolley. There were times when threw them on the ground. She also said that they were aware of the situation and they tried to pick up the items after the children.

However, an employee confronted her sister and told her that the children were making so much mess and throwing things everywhere. They were also instructed to clean up after the children. The incident left her sister in shock leading her to ask for the manager. However, another employee defended the first employee they encountered. She also recalled that the second employee embarrassed her sister in front of another customer.

Iema told news.com.au that it was important that a mother would be able to walk into a store feeling supported while doing her Sunday night shopping.

“It is not right that a female to female did not understand and chose to yell at her. They should have recognised that her hands were full, she is heavily pregnant and she had two young children running around and it is hard — that was the reason I was, there to help her shop," Iema said.

She said that there are many ways to approach a situation, adding that it would be a different story if they were treated with good manners.

Meanwhile, a Woolworths spokesperson said that the company was reaching out to the customer to discuss the incident including requests she might have.

"Woolworths apologises for the unacceptable behaviour the customer received in our store. We expect our staff members to provide the best experience for our customers by helping out and assisting with their grocery shop in any way possible. However, on some occasions we may not reach the high standards we set," Woolworths spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia.