A shopper walks out of a Woolworths store in Sydney, Australia, May 12, 2016. Picture taken May 12, 2016. Reuters/David Gray

Woolworths reopened at Warringah Mall on Northern Beaches, Sydney, on Thursday featuring its first next-generation store. The multimillion-dollar upgrade offered an increased health range bays, overhauled fresh food sections and more convenient and modern shopping experience.

“The store puts health at the heart of the shopping experience, encouraging customers to make healthier choices for themselves and their families,” Woolworths format development director Rob McCartney told news.com.au.

The new store rollouts focus on customer's health. It offers new on-trend health foods and loose organic fruit and vegetables in its bays. The store features an aisle with 26 bays that are solely dedicated to healthy eating options. Customers can also choose their own bulk foods and nuts. Organic fruits are now available in its popular free fruit for kids.

“We’re proud to promote our fantastic local suppliers throughout the store and to celebrate we’ll be running a month long demo program where customers can come in store and meet with suppliers, who will be showcasing and sampling their produce and products,” Cartney said.

The store also features expanded sushi section and an in-store bakery with a cake shop. It has a cheese room with a dedicated full-time cheese expert. A dedicated butcher is present in the store.

“Warringah Mall represents the largest investment to date in our store renewal program and has been designed following a great deal of time spent understanding what our local shoppers are looking for,” McCartney said.

Woolworths plans to implement a new style for its 80 locations this financial year.