'Game of Thrones'
A picture of The Wall in HBO TV series "Game of Thrones." Facebook/ Game of Thrones

A new theory about “Winds of Winter” suggests there is a reason why Tyrion visited the Wall, and that author George R. R. Martin has dropped some hints about the future in these chapters. There could also be a new alliance between two major characters who have not met in a long time in “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

The following article contains a fan theory that may turn out to be a spoiler. Readers who do not wish to know what happens next in the book series are advised to stop here.

In a post on Reddit, a fan looks at how Tyrion’s opinion of the Wall evolved. The character initially was dismissive of the massive structure, but may have developed some respect for it after seeing it up close. The logic driven Imp didn’t have a lot of faith about the purpose of the structure at first, but his keen and curious mind was aware that it was built for a reason.

The Wall is expected to go down in “Winds of Winter,” by which time Tyrion is expected to be with Daenerys as an advisor. So, while the Lords of Westeros pay no heed to what’s happening in the North, the Imp is a unique position to both understand the gravity of the problem, and advice the Queen about the consequences of the event.

Some of the fans disagree with this theory and point out that Tyrion is still mocking Jon Snow while talking about the “threats” they face. However, the character is curious about what’s beyond the Wall, and may even suspect the magical creatures to be real, no matter how remote that possibility may seem to him at that time.

Some of the fans point out that Tyrion was the only one to offer help to the Night’s Watch, while everyone else was busy with their own scheming. The Imp trusts Lord Mormont, and believes his plea for help is not empty talk or lies. So, the character may be undecided about the kind of threat they face from the North.

One of the fans also pointed out the “developing connection” between Jon Snow and Tyrion, which is fleshed out more in the books than the TV series. The two characters could help build a strong alliance in “Winds of Winter” and help take effective counter measures against the White Walker invasion after the Wall falls.