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There have been a lot of theories about “Winds of Winter,” and this new one comes from a fan all the way from France, which is a testament to how popular “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series is across the globe. The theory looks at how Tyrion will capture Casterly Rock.

The following article contains a theory about “Winds of Winter,” which could potentially be a spoiler. Fans who do not wish to read about possible scenarios in the upcoming book should stop reading.

Tyrion’s main ambition for a long time was to get what was his by right, which is Casterly Rock. The seat of the Lannisters was supposed to be passed down to the Imp after Jaime became a Kingsguard. With the sad turn of events for the character, the only chance he has of getting the castle now is by taking it through force.

A theory posted on Reddit suggests that Tyrion’s goal now will be to take Casterly Rock. The fan points out that the Imp took the first step towards this goal, without consciously thinking about it at that time, by killing his father.

So, there could be a siege of Casterly Rock in “Winds of Winter,” according to the theory. One way Tyrion could take the castle is by using the sewage. The fan points out that it has already been shown that a city can be taken through the sewage route with Meereen.

George R. R. Martin has a way of dropping hints throughout the book series, as a way of foreshadowing things that are to come. The fan points to the spin-off series by the author titled “Dunk and Egg” and shows how Dunk realising that a dwarf stole a dragon egg through the privy may be one such hint for a big event in the next book in “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

The other more substantial hint from “A Song of Ice and Fire” itself is the fact that Tyrion was put in charge of the sewage system while he was at Casterly Rock. The Imp was able to showcase his skills at that point of time, but there may have been another reason to mention that position of power. The character is now well versed with the city’s drainage system, which makes him the right candidate to take the impregnable Lannister castle by force via this route in “Winds of Winter.”