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Cersei Lannister is not a well liked character, and many fans are hoping to read her death in “Winds of Winter.” A new fan theory looks at how she could meet her end, and why it’s so important to prove a point with this scene.

The following article contains a theory and possible spoilers from the next book in “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. Fans who do now wish to read about the possible storyline in the book should stop here.

In a Reddit post, a fan looks at how Cersei’s death should be like ideally. The character has committed a lot of crimes, and in a way is responsible for the whole war in Westeroes to begin after Robert took the Iron Throne. Many expect her to die at the hands of her brother/lover Jaime or she could be eaten or burned by a dragon. However, the theory looks at a different possibility.

Cersei prides herself for being powerful. “Power is power,” she once smugly remarked when she was flanked by Lannister soldiers. What if, the fan theory suggests, she is killed by a crowd of filthy peasants in “Winds of Winter.” This would be something she is sure to despise.

The fan explains that such a death would be necessary because ultimately a king derives power from the people. For an arrogant power hungry character like Cersei, it is only fitting that she meets her end at the hands of the people and understand the true nature of power.

While there are some characters in the books that have turned over a new leaf, and taken action to become dear to the fans again, the same can’t be said of Cersei. The Lannister has gone so far down the dark road that the fans believe that it is nearly impossible for author George R. R. Martin to redeem her in any way, the walk of shame notwithstanding.

If the TV series is any indication of the things to come, Cersei will pull a fast one on all her enemies and emerge more powerful than ever before. Her power will also isolate her in King’s Landing, with no real friends or allies to support her.

One possibility is the Cersei teams up with Euron in “Winds of Winter.” The new king of the Salt Throne could come up with interesting ways to torture the Lannister queen and kill her.