George RR Martin
Co-executive producer George R.R. Martin arrives for the season premiere of HBO's "Game of Thrones" in San Francisco, California March 23, 2015. Reuters/Robert Galbraith

George R.R. Martin read a new sample chapter from “Winds of Winter” at the Balticon event recently. The chapter revealed what Euron Greyjoy is doing and what his future plans are.

[Spoiler alert]

A previously release sample chapter teased Euron’s ships helping Daenerys in her war against the Yunkai. A new chapter that Martin read for the fans showed the king of the Iron Islands taking his ships and going into battle, while making sure his power is secured back home, GameNGuide reports. The chapter is from Euron’s brother Aeron’s point of view.

Aeron is a priest for the Drowned God and wanted to overthrow Euron’s rule through a popular uprising. According to a summary of the sample chapter, Euron managed to capture the priest and now torments him.

Euron gives the priest “Wine of the Warlocks” and asks him what he sees. There are various visions of Euron, which include him sitting on a throne made of black skulls and dwarfs attending him, and him sitting on the Iron Throne with different gods of Westeros impaled on it.

The Iron Islands are under the control of Erik in “Winds of Winter.” Euron has put him in charge while he goes with the fleet to wage war. He ties Aeron to the prow of his ship and there are other people who are tied similarly to the other ships, suggesting a mass human sacrifice of some kind.

Euron likes to use the magic he has acquired over the years and according to Vulture this time he will be facing a fleet sent by the Iron Throne. He is vastly outnumbered in the battle, but is apparently confident of victory.

Martin did not confirm when “Winds of Winter” will be released or how many chapters are left in the book. This will be the sixth book in the series and the next one is expected to be titled “A Dream of Spring.”