With the advent of eFax, the act of learning how to fax professionally has literally vanished. In short, instead of going through the endless malfunctions and hassles of the old fax machine, eFax lets a person fax the document with just one click.

Following are some of the many profits that will consistently add up while using eFax instead of traditional fax machines:

1. Environmentally Proactive

The biggest advantage of eFax is that it helps to avoid junk faxes and hence, eliminate the gross waste of paper or printed faxes. This incremental savings on paper wastage is the humungous savings not just on paper, but also on sustainable development. As Printer fax is made from non-biodegradable bleaching agents and uses 5000+ paper sheets annually on an average. A traditional fax machine also emits environmentally harmful substances such as ozone, carbon dioxide and styrene, which threatens the very future of our planet.

2. Fax with laptop, mobile or tablet

With eFax, the long stretched processes of setting up sophisticated and heavy fax machines in order to fax one document, just history. Using eFax, fax documents directly from the desktop or even with the smartphone!

3. Mobile Faxing

Faxing is no longer a hassle of whether a person is on a vacation or attending his or her own wedding ceremony in Hawaii. Now, fax from anywhere on the move regardless of being on land, water or air, provided there is an active internet around.

No more jamming tantrums from fax machine

It is not just stressful but also a huge loss when the traditional fax machine jams or cause irreparable damage to important documents.

4. 24x7 Troubleshooting

With the advanced eFax software that has 24x7 automatic troubleshooting and diagnosis, the delay in awaiting a technician and expense that it causes is also erased.

5. Never lose a fax

Another greatest disadvantage of traditional fax machines is that there is a fair chance of losing the faxed document when the machine is switched off. With eFax, erase this malfunction of document loss permanently, as all the documents are saved right after they are uploaded.

6. Send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously

eFax is solely for personal use, but the truth is, eFax is the Big Daddy of all traditional fax machines. Now, the time wasted on waiting hours to fax multiple documents one by one is resolved as well. With eFax, it’s even possible to schedule the faxes, send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously.

7. No more additional charge on phone bill on account of fax

With eFax, any document can be faxed to anywhere from anywhere in the world, with no additional costs, regardless of the recipient being of domestic or international origin. This eliminates the excess overseas faxing costs completely as it is accounted in the regular internet tariff.

8. Secure and Safe faxing

Apart from each eFax account being password protected, the software eFax automatically encrypts each uploaded document without fail. This ensures strict privacy unlike the case of faxing with a traditional fax machine.

9. Anyone can Fax

Setting up eFax is very simple. With one simple step, eFax is profession set up after the customer pays an annual fee for a unique Fax number and area code of choice. The software then lets the customer send unlimited faxes throughout the year, with null wastage of paper or peace of mind. Simply put, with eFax anyone and everyone is a Faxing Pro!

Not only is eFax cheap, it also adds to saving money through saving time, electricity, space and stress of the work load, immensely to add up the profits in a business.