What’s Your Choice – Male, Female, Transgender, Intersex?: Other Gender Options Now Available for Facebook Users

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Facebook just moved a notch up the political correctness ladder by making available to its more than 1 billion members worldwide other gender options besides the usual male and female.

With the changes, user can now select from a wider range of choices such as transgender, intersex and androgynous. Along with this comes a change in pronoun used beyond the usual he/him for males and she/her for females.

With the 10 different gender definitions come over 50 options to describe Facebook users who do not want to use he/him or she/her pronouns. One option is the neutral they/their.

To come up with the more than 50 new gender identity options, Facebook coordinated with the Network of Support, a group of leading LGBT advocacy organisations.

To change gender in Facebook, go to the settings menu on the About page and click gender options. Others will pop out, and if it is selected, 10 other options will show up. There is also a question asking the member what pronoun is preferred.

Will Hodges, FB publicist, said in an email quoted by Techcrunch, "While to many this change may not mean much, for those it affects it means a great deal ... We see this as one more way we can make Facebook a place where people can express their authentic identity."

Here are the 56 gender identities which became available to FB users on Friday, Feb 14, 2014:

1.     Agender

2.     Androgyne

3.     Androgynous

4.     Bigender

5.     Cis

6.     Cis Female

7.     Cis Male

8.     Cis Man

9.     Cis Woman

10.   Cisgender

11.    Cisgender Female

12.    Cisgender Male

13.    Cisgender Man

14.     Cisgender Woman

15.     Female to Male

16.     FTM

17.     Gender Fluid

18.     Gender Nonconforming

19.     Gender Questioning

20.     Gender Variant

21.     Genderqueer

22.     Intersex

23.    Male to Female

24.    MTF

25.    Neither

26.    Neutrois

27.    Non-binary

28.    Other

29.    Pangender

30.    Trans

31.    Trans Female

32.    Trans Male

33.    Trans Man

34.    Trans Person

35.    Trans Woman

36.    Trans*

37.    Trans* Female

38.    Trans* Male

39.    Trans* Man

40.    Trans* Person

41.    Trans* Woman

42.    Transfeminine

43.    Transgender

44.    Transgender Female

45.    Transgender Male

46.    Transgender Man

47.    Transgender Person

48.    Transgender Woman

49.    Transmasculine

50.    Transsexual

51.    Transsexual Female

52.    Transsexual Male

53.    Transsexual Man

54.    Transsexual Person

55.    Transsexual Woman

56.    Two-spirit

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