Xenia Deli, the gorgeous model who featured in Justin Bieber's sensuous music video of “What Do You Mean?,” has made fun of the pop star's new hairstyle.

Deli shared an animated picture on Twitter that shows her lying below the Canadian pop star as his long hair fall on her face. The scene is quite similar to their music video but has a comic twist to it. In the cartoon, the 25-year old model is seen pushing Bieber's hair out of her face saying, “Justin get your hair out (sic) my eyes” and Bieber asks her, “Wot do u mean?”

Deli shared the picture on Twitter writing, “LOL” and also added a smiley emoji to it. Check it out here. Though Deli might have made fun about Bieber's hairstyle on Twitter, she is actually a big fan of the singer's hair.

While talking to Cosmopolitan magazine, the sexy model from Moldova said that she loves Bieber's new hair. “His hair is new hair and I like it a lot. I think it's very stylish and it matches his face,” Deli is quoted as saying to Cosmopolitan.

Giving more information on Bieber's hair, the model said that his hair is quite soft but they had to use a lot of hair products during the shoot, which made their hair rough later. “But the next day when we were coming back to the shoot, our hair was soft again,” Deli said.

Surprisingly, Deli had not listened to any of Bieber's songs before she met him. “I usually listen to Russian music because I miss home so much, and at least listening to Russian music makes me feel like home,” she said.

Deli is also impressed with Bieber's kissing skills and says he is “good kisser.” The brunette beauty had to face the wrath of 'Beliebers' or fans of Justin Bieber, after she appeared in the sexy video with him. But the singer told the magazine that she is not dating him and they are just good friends.

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