M Night Shyamalan
Director M. Night Shyamalan poses for portrait during the 2015 Comic-Con International Convention in San Diego, California July 9, 2015. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

During the recent WonderCon, more details about “Wayward Pines” Season 2 were revealed. New footage from the upcoming season was also revealed.

Spoiler alert! This article contains “Wayward Pines” season 2 spoilers. Read on if you would like to know what happens next before the new episode airs.

Fox had a panel at WonderCon featuring author Blake Crouch and executive producer M. Night Shyamalan. The two talked about the events of the show, which will launch in summer 2016.

Wayward Pines is a futuristic society that isolated itself from the rest of the world. The outside world was plagued by Abbies, or humans who have transformed into flesh-eating monsters. Season 2 will feature Jason (Tom Stevens), who will lead the younger generation who has become the absolute power in the town, writes Collider. There will be a civil war brewing between the younger generation and town residents. Dr. Theo Yedlin (Jason Patric) wakes up in the middle of the potential chaos.

The second season of “Wayward Pines” will consist of 10 episodes. The new footage showed Jason saying that they have very strict rules in running the town. Shyamalan also said that Theo and his wife has a tenuous relationship. Djimon Hounsou was also featured, describing his character, C.J. Mitchum, as a “Duster” who knows everything about the place. There will also be several returning characters from Season 1.

The new promo video for Season 2 provided some scenes from the previous season. Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) revealed that David Pilcher (Toby Jones) created the world that the residents currently live in. Jason Patric will take on the lead role after Ethan died at the end of Season 1. He will have to face a new world which is extremely different from what he was used to.

Executive producer Donald De Line said that they wanted to continue a compelling story based on the success of Season 1. He added that they have an end in mind and are confident that viewers will be excited to know more about the mysteries surrounding the town and its residents with each episode. He also teased that the story will arc for at least another season.

More updates and details on “Wayward Pines” Season 2 are expected soon.

Source: YouTube/FOX