'The Voice' season 12: Blake Shelton accused of cheating by other judges
One of "The Voice's" season 12 judges, Blake Shelton NBC

As a new batch of blind auditions kick in on the twelfth season of “The Voice,” coaches have put out all stops just to get the team members that they want, especially Blake Shelton. He is definitely no exception to that as he sneakily nabbed one singer under the other coaches' noses.

The blind auditions that aired Monday in the US had everyone talking about the country singer and his surprise tactic that stunned the other coaches. This event all boiled down due to one powerful singer named Enid Ortiz, who performed an impressive cover of Adele's "All I Ask."

During the performance, the coaches had already seen potential in Ortiz’ voice and were all impressed by her. The country singer Blake, former “No Doubt” lead vocalist Gwen Stefani, “Maroon 5” main man Adam Levine and soul siren Alicia Keys all gave positive facial expressions and gestures to point out how good Ortiz was. The only problem was that none of them had yet to push their buttons.

As the powerhouse audition continues, the camera catches several instances of Blake and Gwen both praising the singer and exchanging glances to prove how impressed they were. The two even got to a point that they keep saying “she is good” over and over.

Finally, Gwen whispered her thoughts about Ortiz, telling Blake that Ortiz "deserves" to be on the show. As the song drew to a close, Blake finally decided to go with Gwen’s advice and pushed his buzzer, guaranteeing Ortiz a spot on Team Blake.

After the performance, Adam pointed out to the female hopeful that what Shelton did was the dirtiest thing that he has ever seen. In his defence, Shelton just smiled, bowed at the audience and walked towards the stage and gave Ortiz a hug.

Blake proudly announced to everyone on the set, “Hey everybody, this is Enid, my newest team member” before the country singer started to explain what was happening to the coaches during the performance. As revealed by Entertainment Tonight, Blake started to backtrack what had happened before the so-called cheating incident transpired.

Blake said, "What happened back here is we were all going, 'Is that as good as we think it is?' And I'm like, 'No, that's no good.'” He further explained that “Gwen looked over to say something to Adam and I (Blake) [tapped his button].”

“The Voice” season 12 still is in its blind audition phase that will soon be followed by the battle rounds and finally the main event. The show airs every Monday and Tuesday 8/7c on NBC in the US.